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About The Eldritch Blades

Once upon a time, five great heroes of Azeroth came together and formed an organization known as the Eldritch Blades. This fabled group of warriors and spellslingers sought out threats to the races of the Alliance. The Blades mission was to seek out dangerous artifacts and ancient magics, and secure them to ensure these powerful weapons did not fall into the wrong hands. Legends about The Blades grew and bards began to sing about their deeds far and wide; but the stories are unclear of about what happened to The Blades. Many believe they fell at Theramore, protecting the city which had been their base of operations. However, just after the war of the Broken Isles, the grandson of one of the original Eldritch Blades members surfaced. Together with four other trusted companions, he seeks to take up the mantle of his ancestor. Now, under the guidance of the new King of Stormwind and the Kirin Tor Council of Six, the Eldritch Blades have been reborn. With the threat of the Legion looming darkly upon the horizon, the Blades mission is more critical than ever. They are gathering their forces to prepare for the greatest adventure yet. In the words of the legendary Blade, Kowynn Fairhaven, “Draw steel and light the fires boys and girls! It’s time to go to work!”


Who are we? The Eldritch Blades are a social group of players who love RP in the World of Warcraft. We base our guild on friendships and respect for the individual. We do require that characters toons are grounded in Cannon Lore (sorry no half dragons or the such).

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